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Dead Celebrities 2014

This list can change daily!
Some deaths don't make the major news feeds the day they happen.
I add them as soon as I see them. Some have taken as long as a week to appear.

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2013 Born January 1, 2013. Died December 31, 2013
2014: The Year Obama will Kill America
Juanita Moore Age 99. Died January 01, 2014
Actress - "Imitation of Life"
Phil Everly Age 74. Died January 03, 2014
Singer - "Bye bye Love", "Wake up Little Susie"
George Goodman
(Adam Smith)
Age 83. Died January 03, 2014
Host - "Adam Smith's Money World"
Alicia Rhett Age 98. Died January 03, 2014
Actress - "Gone With the Wind"
Saul Zaentz Age 92. Died January 03, 2014
Producer - "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
Carmen Zapata Age 86. Died January 05, 2014
Actress - "Bonanza", "Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman"
Tom Quinn Age 79. Died January 05, 2014
Actor - "Enemy of the State", "The West Wing"
Larry D. Mann Age 91. Died January 06, 2014
Voice Actor - "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"
Frank Marth Age 91. Died January 13, 2014
Actor - "The Honeymooners", "Madigan"
Russell Johnson Age 89. Died January 16, 2014
Actor - "Gilligan's Island"
Dave Madden Age 82. Died January 16, 2014
Actor - "The Partridge Family"
Ruth Robnson Duccini Age 95. Died January 16, 2014
Actress - "Wizard of Oz"
Editor's Note: Only One Munchlin Left
Ray Garber Age 49. Died January 17, 2014
Reality Star - "Shipping Wars"
Sarah Marshall Age 80. Died January 18, 2014
Actress - "The Long Hot Summer", "Star Trek"
Luis Avalos Age 67. Died January 22, 2014
Actor - "The Electric Company", "ER"
Michael Filerman Age 76. Died January 25, 2014
Producer - "Dallas", "Falcon Crest"
Ann Carter Age 77. Died January 27, 2014
Actress - "The Curse of the Cat People"
Pete Seeger Age 94. Died January 27, 2014
Folk Singer - "Where Have All The Flowers Gone", "If I Had a Hammer"
Arthur Rankin,Jr. Age 89. Died January 30, 2014
Animator/Director - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Frosty The Snowman"
Christopher Jones Age 72. Died January 31, 2014
Actor - "Ryan's Daughter"
Maximilian Schell Age 83. Died February 01, 2014
Actor - "Judgement at Nuremberg"
Philip Seymour Hoffman Age 46. Died February 02, 2014
Actor - "Capote", "The Master"
Editor's Note: Once again drugs kill another huge talent. Makes me wonder if the two always go hand in hand or if it just happens to be a shameful coincidence. This death is especially sad because it has been reported that Phil had been "sober" for over two decades.
Richard Bull Age 89. Died February 03, 2014
Actor - "Little House On The Prairie"
Shirley Temple Age 85. Died February 10, 2014
Actress - "Bright Eyes", "Heidi", "Since you Went Away", "Fort Apache"
Editor's Note: The Good Ship Lollipop has sunk. Shirley has passed away. For those of you from the Depression Era or those of us who were introduced to Shirley through our parents, today is a truly sad day. For those of you younger folks, it's time to rent some of her videos and learn why Shirley made our lives better. I have listed just a few of the movies Shirley made. She did over 40 movies in her career. Some of my favorites feature her singing and dancing with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, by far one of the top Tap Dancers of all time. http://youtu.be/fbtR1DNgNak
Sid Caesar Age 91. Died February 12, 2014
Actor/Comedian - "Your Show of Shows", "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
Editor's Note: It's a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World. The father of Television Comedy has died. Are you a fan of Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Larry Gelbart or Neil Simon? They all worked for Sid and evidently learned well from him. A classic and a terrific talent has died. Not a good week for entertainment.
Ralph Waite Age 85. Died February 13, 2014
Actor - "The Waltons", "NCIS", "Cool Hand Luke", "Roots"
Editor's Note: Wow! This week gets worse by the day. I am a huge Waltons fan and this death makes me really blue. I had begun to enjoy seeing Ralph back on TV in his recurring role on NCIS. He was a perfect father character there just like he was for the Walton Clan. I hope they give him a nice script sendoff. Ralph was never a household name, but for those of us who knew his work and followed him, this is a great loss. Good Night Daddy!
John Henson Age 48. Died February 14, 2014
Puppeteer - "The Jim Henson Company"
Bob L. Harris Age 91. Died February 14, 2014
Actor - "Pollock", "Appaloosa"
Christopher Malcolm Age 67. Died February 15, 2014
Actor - "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back"
Mary Grace Canfield Age 89. Died February 15, 2014
Actress - "Green Acres", "Pollyanna"
Bob Casale Age 61. Died February 17, 2014
Singer - "DEVO"
Nelson Frazier Jr. Age 42. Died February 18, 2014
WWE Wrestler - "Big Daddy V"
Roger Hill Age 65. Died February 20, 2014
Actor - "The Warriors"
Harold Ramis Age 69. Died February 24, 2014
Writer/Director/Actor - "Ghostbusters", "Stripes", "Caddy Shack"
Jim Lange Age 81. Died February 25, 2014
Host - "The Dating Game"
Gail Gerber Age 76. Died March 02, 2014
Actress - "My Three Sons", "Girl Happy"
William Pogue Age 84. Died March 03, 2014
Astronaut - "Skylab 3 SL-4"
Editor's Note: In the summer of 1975, I traveled to Houston to visit my aunt and uncle. My uncle was an engineer at Lockheed for Johnson Space Center. One of the things he arranged for me while I was there was an evening at Bill Pogue's house. I could not have been more thrilled. I was a huge Space Buff and Trekkie and a chance to meet and talk to an astronaut was solid gold.

Bill patiently answered my questions, posed for several pictures, and autographed several items for me. It was a really memorable night.
Geoff Edwards Age 83. Died March 05, 2014
Game Show Host - "Jackpot"
Sheila MacRae Age 93. Died March 07, 2014
Actress - "Honeymooners (1960)"
Hal Douglas Age 89. Died March 07, 2014
Voice Over Actor - Movie Trailers
Cynthia Lynn Age 76. Died March 10, 2014
Actress - "Hogan's Heroes"
David Brenner Age 78. Died March 16, 2014
Comedian - Guest Host on The Tonight Show
Mitch Leigh Age 76. Died March 16, 2014
Composer - "Man of LaMancha"
Dana Craig Age 68. Died March 20, 2014
Actor - "The Waltons", "Chaplin"
James Rebhorn Age 65. Died March 21, 2014
Actor - "Homeland", "Scent of a Woman"
Patrice Wymore Age 84. Died March 22, 2014
Actress - "Rocky Mountain"
Lorenzo Semple, Jr. Age 91. Died March 27, 2014
Creator - "Batman(TV)" "Three Days of the Condor"
A Note From Robin: Holy Crap Batman! Our Creator is Dead!
Kate O'Mara Age 74. Died March 30, 2014
Actress - "Dynasty", "Dr. Who"
Arthur Smith Age 93. Died April 03, 2014
Country Musician - "Feudin Banjos"
Editor's Note:Most of you probably don't recognize "Feudin Banjos", but if I said, "Dueling Banjos"
you'll say "Oh Ya!!" Most of us know Dueling Banjos from the movie "Deliverance."
Well, since "Dueling Banjos" has ALWAYS been one of my favorites, I pay homage to Arthur.
Here are the links to "Feudin Banjos" and Dueling Banjos. Enjoy!
John Pinette Age 50. Died April 05, 2014
Comedian/Actor - "Seinfeld"
Mickey Rooney Age 93. Died April 06, 2014
Actor - "National Velvet", "Andy Hardy", "Boys Town", "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
Editor's Note: Well, it has finally happened, Mickey Rooney is dead. One of the classics of Hollywood, Mickey has been one of my favorites for over 50 years, a little over half of his career. Sing along with Mickey and Judy and watch the trials of Andy Rooney. Cheer for Mickey as he preps "The Pie" to race in National Velvet and cry with him in Boys Town. One of the greats is gone, a true showman and a world class talent.
Mary Anderson Age 96. Died April 06, 2014
Actress - "Gone With The Wind"
James Hellwig Age 54. Died April 08, 2014
Pro Wrestler-WWE - "Ultimate Warrior"
Idabelle June Srock Age 81. Died April 16, 2014
My Mom
Editor's Note: My mom passed away this morning from complications of Dementia, Cancer and Diabetes. She spent the last 2 years suffering under pathetic Obamacare driven health care from both Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. This Obamacare bullshit made everyone far more preoccupied with paper than patients.

My mom spent her last month in an absolutely awful locked down Dementia Unit at a local nursing home. With the rare exception of two staff members, she endured people who cared nothing about providing quality health care. When I went up there today, most of them could not even look me in the eye.

This is the 15 minutes of fame I promised my mom. The only celebrity she ever achieved was her ability to bake world class cookies. People for miles around our home in Austintown , Ohio made sure they stopped by our house every Christmas, so they would not miss those 130 varieties of cookies. I could never talk her into taking them commercial. Compared to hers, Mrs. Fields Sucked.

Here's to you mom. Your healthcare nightmare is over and you are now world famous!

Lee Marshall Age 64. Died April 26, 2014
Voice Actor - "Tony the Tiger - Aft. 1999"
Doug Hale Age 73. Died April 26, 2014
Actor - "Ali", "The Cable Guy"
Bob Hoskins Age 71. Died April 29, 2014
Actor - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "Mermaids"
Al Feldstein Age 88. Died April 29, 2014
Editor - "Mad Magazine"
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Age 95. Died May 02, 2014
Actor - "The F.B.I.", "77 Sunset Strip"
Leslie Carlson Age 81. Died May 03, 2014
Actor - "Videodrome", "The Fly"
Jackie Lynn Taylor Age 88. Died May 05, 2014
Actress - "The Little Rascals"
Nancy Malone Age 79. Died May 08, 2014
Actress/Producer - "The Partridge Family", "Dawson's Creek"
Jerry Vale Age 83. Died May 18, 2014
Singer/Actor - "Volare", "Goodfellas"
Matthew Cowles Age 69. Died May 22, 2014
Actor - "All My Children"
Mona Freeman Age 87. Died May 23, 2014
Actress - "Perry Mason", "Playhouse 90"
Herb Jeffries Age 100. Died May 25, 2014
Actor/Singer - "The Bronze Buckaroo"
Ann B. Davis Age 88. Died June 01, 2014
Actress - "The Brady Bunch"
Ruby Dee Age 91. Died June 11, 2014
Actress - "A Raisin In the Sun"
Casey Kasem Age 82. Died June 15, 2014
Host/Voice Over - "Scooby Doo"
Eli Wallach Age 98. Died June 24, 2014
Actor - "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"
Dick Jones Age 87. Died July 07, 2014
Actor - "Pinocchio"
James Garner Age 86. Died July 19, 2014
Actor - "Maverick", "The Great Escape", "Space Cowboys"
Skye McCole Bartusiak Age 21. Died July 20, 2014
Actress - "The Patriot"
James Shigeta Age 81. Died July 28, 2014
Actor - "Flower Drum Song", "Die Hard"
Marilyn Burns Age 65. Died August ??, 2014
Actress - "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"
Editor's Note: She was found dead August 05,2014
Charles Keating Age 72. Died August 09, 2014
Actor - "Another World"
Danny Murphy Age 59. Died August 09, 2014
Actor - "There's Something About Mary"
Ed Nelson Age 85. Died August 09, 2014
Actor - "Peyton Place"
Robin Williams Age 63. Died August 11, 2014
Actor - "Mork and Mindy", "Good Will Hunting", "Good Morning Viet Nam"
Editor's Note: Like many, I have been a fan of Robin Williams for decades. I am stunned that he went out by suicide. I always envisioned him just dropping dead mid improv.

The last time I saw him was on Letterman's show. His eyes were sad even though he was promoting his lastest show "The Crazy One's." His death brings back a memory of Lucille Ball. She died shortly after her last sitcom was cancelled too. The shame is, both shows deserved to be cancelled. Lucy's timing was way off and Robin's was just not right for his last show. Maybe comedians just can't handle rejection.

I will miss Robin, his comedy and his energy.
Lauren Becall Age 89. Died August 12, 2014
Actress - "The Shootist"
Arlene Martel Age 78. Died August 12, 2014
Actress - "Star Trek"
Stephen Lee Age 58. Died August 14, 2014
Actor - "NCIS", "La Bamba", "Bones"
Don Pardo Age 96. Died August 18, 2014
Announcer - "Saturday Night Live"
Richard Attenborough Age 90. Died August 24, 2014
Actor/Director - "Jurrasic Park", "Ghandi"
Joan Rivers Age 81. Died September 04, 2014
Comedian - "The Tonight Show", "E - Red Carpet"
Editor's Note: There is a God! With any luck, Melissa will go into a Long Term Seclusion.
Molly Glynn Age 46. Died September 06, 2014
Actress - "Chicago Fire","Boss"
Editor's Note: If a tree falls in the woods.........
Don Keefer Age 98. Died September 07, 2014
Actor - "The Caine Mutiny"
Richard Kiel Age 74. Died September 10, 2014
Actor - "The Spy Who Loved Me"
Editor's Note: NOT Lurch.....
Angus Lennie Age 84. Died September 15, 2014
Actor - "The Great Escape"
Polly Bergen Age 84. Died September 20, 2014
Actress - "Cape Fear", "Desperate Housewives"
Elizabeth Pena Age 55. Died October 14, 2014
Actress - "Modern Family", "La Bamba"
Lynda Bellingham Age 66. Died October 19, 2014
Actress - "All Creatures Great and Small"
Marcia Strassman Age 66. Died October 24, 2014
Actress - "Welcome Back Kotter"
Leigh Chapman Age 75. Died November 04, 2014
Actress - "The Octagon"
Richard Schaal Age 75. Died November 04, 2014
Actor - "Dick VanDyke Show"
Ken Takakura Age 83. Died November 10, 2014
Actor - "Black Rain", "Mr. Baseball"
Carol Ann Susi Age 62. Died November 11, 2014
Actress - "The Big Bang Theory"
Mike Nichols Age 83. Died November 20, 2014
Director - "Spamalot", "The Graduate"
Ken Weatherwax Age 59. Died December ??, 2014
Actor - "The Addams Family"
Editor's Note: Found dead at his home on December 6, 2014.
Mary Ann Mobley Age 77. Died December 09, 2014
Actress - "Girl Happy", "Three on a Couch"
Tom Adams Age 76. Died December 11, 2014
Actor - "The Great Escape"
Booth Colman Age 91. Died December 15, 2014
Actor - "Star Trek", "Planet of the Apes"
Virna Lisi Age 78. Died December 18, 2014
Actress - "How To Murder Your Wife"
Billie Whitelaw Age 82. Died December 21, 2014
Actress - "The Omen"
Christine Cavanaugh Age 51. Died December 22, 2014
Voice Actor - "Babe", "Rugrats"
Joe Cocker Age 70. Died December 22, 2014
Singer - "You Are So Beautiful"
Joe Sargent Age 89. Died December 22, 2014
Director - "Star Trek", "Lassie"
David Ryall Age 79. Died December 26, 2014
Actor - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
Bernard Kay Age 86. Died December 29, 2014
Actor - "Dr. Zhivago"
Beau Kazer Age 63. Died December 30, 2014
Actor - "Young and the Restless"
Luise Ranier Age 104. Died December 30, 2014
Actor - "The Great Ziegfeld", "The Good Earth"
Edward Hermann Age 71. Died December 31, 2014
Actor - "Gilmore Girls", "Eleanor and Franklin", "The Paper Chase"
Editor's Note: Edward Hermann was one of my favorites. A guaranteed great contribution to the cast.

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